Summit Road Port Hills

Summit Road Port Hills

Summit Road Port Hills is a spectacular road around the northwest side of the Lyttelton Harbour crater rim. Access the road by driving up to sign of the Kiwi on from Christchurch or Lyttelton Harbour on Dyers Pass Road.

Head northeast with several options for stopping and walking to viewpoints. Alternatively, walk the rim on the main walking track. The road is open to cars to at least as far as Witch Hill Upoko-o-Kurī, a highlight of the Port Hills. Then return back along Summit Road past Sign of the Kiwi and on to Gebbies Pass.

The drive to Gebbie’s is a bit quieter with fewer track options for hiking up to high points. However, the views continue to be exceptional and there are some places to stop safely. The main walking track also runs along the crater rim although it peters out after about 5 kms at Sign of the Bellbird.

Beware that you will likely encounter pedestrians and cyclists along the windy narrow section of road from Gebbies Pass to the trailhead.

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