Whatipu Caves Walk

Whatipu Caves Walk

Walking around Whatipu is very different to all the other beaches in the region. From the car park, you will quickly realised that you are in a large amphitheatre framed on 3 sides by ancient volcanic peaks and hills. The panorama is spectacular. If you follow a track for about 30 minutes to the west alongside the campground, and then the edge of the cliffs, you will eventually come to the Whatipu Caves. The first 2 or 3 are quite small, but there is a larger cavern a bit further on. Apparently it was once used for formal dances. Keep going and you will find a campsite at the end of the trail.

The south south west side of the trail is very extensive lagoons and swamp. An unusual sight in NZ. The big lone rock sticking up is Cutter Rock, a part of which collapsed some years ago.

Alternatively, head to the beach to the south from the carpark. It takes about 20 minutes and the walk is scenic in its own right, though regenerating bush and then a stream crossing.

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