The Chasm

The Chasm was a popular short walk in the Cleddau Valley, next to the Cleddau River, Fiordland. The track was badly damaged in the huge storm of 2020 but has now been largely repaired, with a large car park directly off Milford Sound Highway, about one km northwest of the Homer Tunnel.

The easy gravel track is about 400 metres to The Chasm and takes about 20 minutes to return. It goes through a section of old-growth rainforest, including ancient kamahi trees shrouded in lichen and moss. At present, it terminates at the top of The Chasm, and you can see where the Cleddau River drops over a water-carved rockface. You can also see the remains of the earlier viewing point and bridge over The Chasm. Replacing this is the final stage of the restoration project.

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