Te Hakapureirei Beach

Te Hakapureirei Beach

Te Hakapureirei Beach is about four km long and is below the eroding cliff at the edge of Waianakarua Road. It sits between Bridge Point to the north and the Waianakarua River mouth to the south. Due to the cliff, there is only one obvious access point. This is shortly after Bridge Point – although it has been affected by erosion, there is room for a couple of cars on the side of the road. From there, walk down the sandy slope to the beach.

At high tide, the beach is restricted with the waves coming up to the cliff in places. As the tide goes out, it is easy to find a spot to hang out. Walking north, you will get a better view of the natural bridge at Bridge Point. You can walk through this at low tide and explore the rock pools around the end of the point.

At the beach’s southern end, Waianakarua Road swings west to connect with State Highway 1. Shortly before this, there is a rough, unmaintained track to the Waianakarua River mouth.

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