Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls is a beautiful 27-metre waterfall in Kerikeri, Northland. In Māori, the falls are known as Waianiwaniwa, which means "Waters of the Rainbow". A short, well-maintained but steep track links the top and bottom. At the top are several views of the water dropping over the edge of a basalt rock face and, a little further up the river, of an old weir and some modest rapids. You can also continue west along a tamer section of the river on Te Araroa.

The falls are easy to access, a few minutes walk from Rainbow Falls Road car park or over an hour from the historic sites of Kerikeri Basin on the Kerikeri River Walk, part of Te Araroa. There is also a campground near the top of the falls. This accessibility and the large base swimming hole make it a popular destination.

A feature of the falls is the large amphitheatre and pool, shrouded in forest and moss-covered rocks. It is possible to scramble around the edge of the rocky amphitheatre and get behind the falls, but take care and protect your camera/phone! Another easier option is to walk from the pool below the falls alongside the river for a short distance on an unmarked track. Look back for a view of the river and falls shrouded by the forest.

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