Lake Marian Track

Lake Marian Track is a half-day tramping track from Lower Hollyford Road in Fiordland to Lake Marian. The start of the track is 1 km from Marian Camp. Although it is considered quite a tough walk, it has become very popular, as reflected in the large car park amongst the trees.

The track starts with a swingbridge over the Hollyford River / Whakatipu Kā Tuka, followed by an easy, well-maintained 10-minute walk through the beautiful forest to the fabulous boardwalk above the Marian Creek waterfalls. Anyone can do this part of the track, which is a great option for those with limited time.

From there, it changes dramatically to a rough 90-minute to 2-hour tramping track to the lake. There are rocks, slips, tree roots, mud and some clambering, and a 400-metre climb to 700 metres above sea level. On the upside, it is a mostly beautiful rainforest. Massive rock slides have created some open areas with great views. At the end of the track, you reach beautiful Lake Marian, surrounded by the 2,000+ metre Darran Mountains.

There are toilets at both ends of the track.

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