Cave Stream

Cave Stream

The Cave Stream parking area and track access is off the main highway, to the northeast of Castle Hill Village. Like nearby Castle Hill, this has become a very popular short walk on a trip along State Highway 73, West Coast Road.

You can either do the loop above the gorge or walk down to Cave Stream and the south end of the cave. This track is a little rough compared to the rather manicured higher track, but the cave entrance is definitely worth it. If you follow the stream to the north you will find a swimming hole. Keep going and you will get to the other end of the cave.

You can transit the cave from south to north but it is cold, very dark and wet, with several small waterfalls. Take appropriate gear and precautions if you want to do this. There is a panel describing the transit at the head of the track.

As with Castle Hill, there is a mass of big daisies and other wildflowers in spring and early summer.

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