Wrights Water Garden

Wrights Water Garden

The Wrights Water Garden are just off Mauku Road, on the outskirts of Patumahoe. It’s only about 10 minutes drive northeast from Waitangi Falls, or a few minutes west of Pukekoe, depending on the direction you’re coming from.

The gardens are accessed through a cafe, with a modest entry fee. They are much more extensive than they appear to be at first glance and you could easily spend an hour wandering around the various trails. Start along the cliff at the top to walk to the stream above the falls, then head down into the gully to the lily ponds below the falls. From the base of the falls, follow the stream, then wind your way back up to more formal gardens and lily ponds that look back to the falls.

Although the gardens could generally do with some investment, the waterfall is beautiful and the lily ponds are fabulous, with a wide range of types and colours. There are a number of other (sometimes quirky) surprises around the trails as well.

Then you can finish off with a coffee and snack at the cafe.

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