Windy Canyon

Windy Canyon

Windy Canyon is a stunning short steep hike on Aotea Great Barrier Island. Some think the canyon is the best short walk in NZ but we think there is exceptionally stiff competition for such a description. Regardless, it is a must-do, even if you don’t want to go all the way to Mt Hobson.

The section of Aotea Road leading up to Windy Canyon is twisting and narrow and climbs steeply to 300 metres, so take care. Near the top, you will find the entrance to Palmers Track. The first section of this is up Windy Canyon, before heading to the top of Hirakimata Mt Hobson (about 2 hours each way). There are quite a few steps, but it only takes 15 minutes for the canyon section, with amazing views from the ridge at the top.

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