Wilson Creek

Wilson Creek

Wilson Creek is one of many obscure streams running from the mountains that line State Highway 6. The attraction is a stunning, largely unknown narrow gorge, which cannot be seen from the Haast Pass road but is quite easy to access. To access the gorge, you must first get to the stream bed.

The easiest way in is on the southwest side of the road bridge over the stream. There is a rough and narrow but short track to some rocks on the stream’s edge. It is an easy clamber over the rocks to the stream bed. Walk up the stream (it may be up to knee-deep depending on the weather) into the gorge a short distance to experience a truly magical place! Be warned, you will probably get wet.

Wilson Creek can be identified on Topo Maps NZ and lies about 3 km north of Haast Pass, between Blue Duck Flats and Topsy Falls. The bridge and obvious room to park on the roadside help to identify the location, as there are few parking options on this stretch of the road.

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