Wilkinson Track

Wilkinson Track

The Wilkinson Track runs from the north side of the Rangatira Loop Track to Tuteremoana, the peak of Kāpiti Island. It is a 500 metre climb through a mostly regenerating forest, over 3.8 km with several zig zags to reduce the overall slope. Consequently, it is longer than the alternative Trig Track for the first 400 metres of the climb, but not as steep. The track is also maintained to a higher standard, so better in wet conditions. Allow about 90 minutes or so to get to the intersection with the Trig Track, then about 15 minutes to the peak.

About a third of the way up, there is a picnic area and a hīhī feeder. It is worth the wait if you have time. At the lower levels, there are also some breaks in the forest with views back to Kāpiti Coast. Higher up, the forest is more like a rainforest, rich in lichens, moss and epiphytes.

If you have reasonable fitness, we recommend hiking up the Trig Track and coming down the Wilkinson. Note that hiking down the Trig track is not permitted.

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