Wellington Central City

Wellington Central City

Downtown Wellington occupies one of the few flat areas in the region. Although it is not that big, it packs a real punch, with plenty to do for city goers.

But we are more interested in the outdoors stuff. Starting from Bowen Street, walk north past the Beehive and the old parliament buildings (by all means, go and have a look) to the City to the Sea Walkway. Cross over the motorway to the Boulton Street Cemetery. This is now a historical site with lovely gardens overlooking the city.

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At the top of the cemetery is the Dick Seddon memorial. An early prime minister, he famously described NZ as “god’s own country”. This eventually morphed into the classic nickname “godzone”.

Continue along the Walkway towards the historic observatory and the top of the cable car. From there, head down hill into the Botanic Gardens.

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