Waverley Beach

If you continue northwest along the coast on SH3 from Whanganui, you will enter the small town of Waverley after about 35 minutes. Waverley Beach Road is halfway through the town, which you follow for the 10-minute drive to the small settlement and access to Waverley Beach.

Parking is at the top of the cliff. Go left for access to Cave Beach and park to the right for access to Long Beach. Both access points are down rather old boat ramps. Cave Beach is small and very picturesque, with another pile of driftwood and eroded cliffs. There is also a cave, but it is only accessible as the tide goes out.

Long Beach is more substantial and has a fabulous view in both directions along the coast from near the top of the boat ramp. Looking northwest, you can also see the wind farm between Waverley and Pātea.

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