Waipori Falls

Waipori Falls

Waipori Falls is a waterfall and the name of a nearby hamlet. The hamlet was created to support the power scheme on the Waipori River in Otago. It is about halfway between Berwick and Lake Mahinerangi. From either end, follow the scenic, remote and often narrow and windy Waipori Falls Road to the hamlet.

To get to the waterfall, take the side road down to the signposted power station. Park beside a large grassed area, surrounded by native forest. There is an obvious sign for the track to “Crystal Falls” that follows the Waipori River gorge. The small falls near the carpark are not the main event.

The track is exceptionally pretty with a large number of gorgeous crown ferns being a feature. But it is narrow, probably wet and a bit overgrown, There is a steep drop in places, so take care. It only takes about 10 minutes to walk to the end of the track to a viewpoint above the falls. But unfortunately you can’t see anything! So you will need to either choose a spot to clamber down the steep slope to get below the falls (it is doable), or scramble down to the top of the falls (easier) from the viewpoint. There is no obvious path in either case.

If you scramble down, the payoff is a pretty series of short drops interspersed with intense green moss covered rocks.

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