Victory Beach

Victory Beach

From the Okia Reserve carpark at the end of Dick Road, it is about a 20 minute walk to the Pyramids, then another 20 minutes across Okia Flats to Victory Beach (also Wickliffe bay). This white sand beach is the longest on the Otago Peninsula, at 3 kms.

From the Pyramids, you can head right or left across the flats to get to the beach. The flats are largely scrubland which is gradually regenerating as native shrubs and trees, helped by plantings. Toi toi and harakeke (native NZ flax) are the most common plants but give it a generation or two and larger trees will start to reappear. There are several boards along the track that describe the recovery project, as well as pre-colonial history.⁠

On the day the weather was not great at the beach, which is oddly named after the SS Victory, wrecked there in 1861. Apparently, you can see evidence of the wreck at the low tide at the south end of the beach, but that’s another 2 kms to walk each way.⁠

If you like beaches remote, this one is for you, but try and choose a nicer day!⁠

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