The Pines

oen of the may private jetties at The Pines in Endeavour Inlet

The Pines in Endeavour Inlet is a relatively built-up area of holiday homes on the Queen Charlotte Track, including some available for rent and jetties. There is also a handful of accommodation lodges. It is south of Furneaux Lodge and the Howden Bush Scenic Reserve and is relatively open, with the track crossing a grassed easement. Many of the homes have attractive gardens, and there are several accessible small beaches. Notably, there were not that many pine trees!

Two beautiful beaches are just beyond the houses heading south on the track. These beaches have a mix of golden-coloured pebbles, rocks and sand, surrounded by native trees. They are very safe for swimming and are the best option if you need to cool off after the 6-hour hike into the inlet from Ship Cove or just want to swim.

Continuing past the beaches takes you to a high point at the end of the east side of the inlet. There is a picnic table, but unfortunately, the view is limited. There is a spectacular slip earlier on the track with a scary sign, but it does provide an excellent view.

Alternative walking options include booking a boat to Resolution Bay or Ship Cove from Furneaux Lodge, then walking back, or a walk in and boat back. Allow 3 hours of walking one way for Resolution Bay and up to 6 hours for Ship Cove. Another option is to have the boat drop you off from Picton and then do the walk to the lodge.

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