The Gap at Piha

The Gap at Piha

The Gap at Piha is literally a gap between the seaward cliffs of Kaiwhare Point and Taitomo Island at the south end of Piha. The surf is funneled through the gap as the tide comes in, creating a pool behind the rocks. This is safe for paddling despite the spectacle of waves crashing over the rocks. Take care that the tide is out if you clamber onto the rocks to check out the rock pools and quite extensive mussel colony.

Access to The Gap is either around the base of the cliffs from the main Piha Beach as the tide goes out or over the Tasman Lookout Track. Check out the fall of enormous rocks at the north end of the island and the tunnel about halfway along. A rough track at the south end of Taitomo Island is accessible as the tide goes out, providing yet another viewpoint.

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