Te Ana-o-Rongomaipapa Bay

Unless you drive to the north end of Cloudy Bay Te Koko O Kupe, you will never notice this walkway to Te Ana-o-Rongomaipapa Bay. Climb the short staircase and look back for an amazing view across the bay on a nice day. The walk down to the small bay from the viewpoint. It does have a steep drop, so take care.

At the bottom, there is a narrow tunnel that you may be able to get through safely at low tide. The bay itself is not really a place to hang out and, unusual in New Zealand, there is even the odd bit of graffitti.

There is also a short track to another cave entrance just behind the carpark. A bit back from the carpark is another track that gives access to Pukatea Whites Bay, the next bay round the coast.

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