Tasman Lake

Tasman Lake

Take the 15 minute walk to the top of the moraine in front of Tasman Lake in Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. There are spectacular views in all directions. The lake is an amazing turquoise colour, surrounded by snow capped rocky mountains.

To the north of the lake is the face of the Tasman Glacier. West of the lake, you can see the flatter debris pile. A 4WD route crosses this to the glacier face, which you can also clearly see at the north end of the lake. At the south end of the lake is a large group of icebergs. Behind you is a view back up the flats in front of Lake Pukaki. Fantastic payback for a mere 15 minute walk! We did the walk in approaching twilight, which added to the colour and drama.

Turn onto Tasman Valley Road from State Highway 80 shortly before you reach Mt Cook Village. Drive to the end of the road to access the track.

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