Tasman Glacier

Tasman Glacier

From a pure skiing perspective, the Tasman Glacier Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park is straightforward and mostly quite flat. But the upside is the amazing location, between the Malte Brun Range to the east and the series of 3,000+ metre peaks starting with Aoraki Mt Cook to the southwest. The glacier itself rises up to 2,800 metres to Hochstetter Dome to the northeast.

Higher up, there is a bit more of a slope with the opportunity to ski among large ice and crevasse formations. The guides are top notch, so all the risks are well managed. With a bit of luck you will get to ski through an ice arch.

Lower down there is a long (several kilometres) and wide flat section before a stop for lunch, then assuming the weather remains ok, you get a second run, if you are up for it.

There are several operators who provide access, including buy ski plane and helicopter, and guides.

Photos provided by Alex (@deurlix) and Julia (@julia.garnier23)

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