Takatū Loop

Takatū Loop

At the east end of the North Coast and South Coast Tracks of Tāwharanui Regional Park is the entrance to the Takatū Loop Track that takes you to Takatū Point. The track takes you through a section of mostly mānuka and kānuka regrowth forest and is best walked when the mānuka is flowering. The left hand fork takes you to a fenced viewpoint on the tip of the point, with views to Te Hauturu O Toi (Little Barrier Island), then back round to Cape Rodney.

From the viewpoint, continue to follow the loop track around the edge of the point, protected by pōhutukawa trees.

The second (informal) viewpoint on the Takatū Loop Track is dramatic and obvious. There is a short steep drop down to a small point that overlooks a tiny bay with a number of dramatic rocks sticking out of the surf. You can walk onto the top of the point for that perfect view and pic.

You will also notice the unusual prostrated mānuka which is particularly prominent around this section of Tokatū Point. This is rare and this is one of the few places in NZ you can see this ground hugging form of the bush. It’s especially pretty when flowering. As you walk back up along the return track, the layering of the mānuka across the gully is also an interesting visual effect.

In addition to rare birds and forms of mānuka, Tāwharanui Regional Park is also home to rare skinks and geckos. For the first time, we actually managed to spot a green and white spotted native skink outside a zoo! They like to hang out in mānuka and kānuka scrubland, so you never know your luck.

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