St Clair and St Kilda

St Clair and St Kilda

One of the outstanding features of Dunedin is its beaches. The two closest beaches are St Kilda and St Clair, right next to the city on the Pacific coast. The two beaches are really the two ends of the same beach and offer white sand, swimming (at least in summer) and surfing (year-round for the sufficiently crazy).

At the St Clair end there are several cafes, protected by a high sea wall, and a salt water outdoor pool. You can also walk a short distance around the point beside the pool. The St Kilda end is a bit wilder with sand dunes. There is a great lookout point at the north of the beach beside the golf course. It looks over Tomahawk Beach and the Otago Peninsula to the northwest.

Even in winter on a nasty day, they’re worth a visit!

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