Sandfly Bay

Sandfly Bay

Like the other accessible surf beaches on the Pacific coast of the Otago Peninsula, Sandfly Bay is very attractive. In addition, we didn’t see a single sandfly, so don’t let the name put you off!

The beach has a long stretch of mostly white sand with gold and yellow flecks and streaks, backed by sand dunes. It is a prime spot for sea lions and for penguins at dawn and dusk. Take extra care if you are enticed to swim as you have the normal risks with no surf patrol.⁠

If you prefer your beaches more remote, then this is the one. Easiest access is from Highcliff Road then down Seal Point Road, high up on Otago Peninsula. Then it is a quite short but steep trail down from the carpark and across the sand dunes (about 20 minutes each way). There is an easily accessible viewing platform high above the beach a few minutes from the carpark if you are short of time.⁠

You can also access the beach from the end of Ridge Road or Sandymount – both longer walks in.⁠

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