Roys Peak Track

Roys Peak Track

The Roys Peak Track is probably the most popular hiking trail in the Wanaka Lakes region. For many years it was largely ignored, being a two hour slog up a weather-exposed face, initially on a farm track with the inevitable animal manure before reaching the DOC tussock land reserve. But the amazing viewpoint popularised on Instagram changed everything, and there is now a large carpark catering to hundreds of visitors at the bottom.

As a walk, it is mostly straightforward, just continuously uphill. It’s about 1,000 vertical metres to the popular viewpoint (1,320 metres), then another sharp 250 vertical metres to the peak. There is a toilet at the viewpoint.

Try and pick your time. During peak periods, there will be hundreds on the trail, with a queue for the Insta shot. In winter, it often snows as low as the viewpoint, although it generally doesn’t stick around for too long.

Once there, take your time. The popular shot is just one angle on the 270 degree view. The surrounding jagged ridges are spectacular, plus wide views of the mountains, valleys and Lake Wanaka.

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