Roxburgh Dam

Roxburgh Dam

The town of Roxburgh is the largest town on State Highway 8 as it winds through the Teviot valley, carved out by the Clutha River on its path east from Alexandra. Roxburgh is well known for its production of stone fruit with several orchard fruit shops around the town. The other nearby feature is the Roxburgh Dam, the oldest on the Clutha River and dating back to the mid 1950s.

Initially, the construction of the dam was a bit of a farce, combining political interference with operational incompetence. But power cuts in the South Island, which the dam planners were aiming to avoid, focussed minds and the issues were resolved.

From State Highway 8, follow the signs to the dam. There is a viewing point above it but you can also drive across and park in the reserve below the dam. From there, you can carry on along the north side of the Clutha River back to Roxburgh.

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