Reefton Historic Power Station

Reefton Historic Power Station

If there is any historic site that could be better cared for in New Zealand, it would have to be the Reefton Historic Power Station, the first hydro public power generator in the country. You can get there by walking east along the Reefton riverside track to the swingbridge, or drive across the river and immediately left down Rosstown Road. The historic site is at the end of the road.

It was a small water-powered station that was abandoned a long time ago. The signs are informative, both at the site and along the track, but the site itself looked ill-maintained when we visited. There appears to be a proposal to restore power generation at the site, and there were even some modern parts lying there waiting to be deployed. Hopefully it will happen and the site will be a bit better cared for.

Fortunately, the walk is pleasant and the very old looking swingbridge a bit of fun(!), so the state of the historic site is not so important.

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