Rahopara to Red Bluff

Rahopara to Red Bluff

It’s hard to describe how unusual the walk from Rahopara to Red Bluff is, a section of the North Shore Coastal Walk best explored at low tide. The steep cliffs are inherently interesting with various twisted shapes and curves readily apparent. There are a couple of graffitied WW2 gun emplacements that are crumbling away. Another has collapsed completely and is now a wreck on the beach.

The beach is a mix of sand and rocks and you can walk out onto the reef as the tide goes out. The way in which the reef formations point to Rangitoto is a highlight.

As you walk north towards Red Bluff, the beach becomes rockier and it ends up looking like a series of stony tracks running down the beach. In places the cliff is almost a mirror image of these tracks, albeit at a weird angle. You will also notice the houses at the top of the cliff. No doubt some are wondering if the view was worth the long term erosion risk.

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