Puketi Forest Nature Trail

DOC camp site at Puketi Forest

The Puketi Forest Nature Trail and DOC campsite are on the southeast side of Puketi Forest. The trail is one of only two places where you can easily see ancient kauri trees north of Waipoua Forest. Most tracks in the remnant kauri forest have been closed in response to kauri dieback disease. The short access road is 1.2 km south of Manginangina Kauri Walk along unsealed Waiare Road, or about a 25-minute drive from Kerikeri.

The campsite is on the edge of the remnant native forest and provides easy access to the fabulous double-loop Nature Trail. The first loop takes about 30 minutes and passes through a beautiful section of ancient rainforest. There are no kauri in this section, but a wide range of other large trees, such as kahikatea and rimu, rich with various climbing vines, ferns, moss, lichen and other undergrowth. The experience is enhanced by the small signs that name and describe many of the trees and plants.

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The second loop adds another 30 minutes but takes you through more beautiful rainforest to a lookout beside a grove of ancient kauri trees. This is an example of what much of Northland looked like only 200 years ago. The kauri are not quite as dramatic as at Manginangina, but it is still a fabulous short walk.

From the campsite, you can also access the Pukartea Ridge Track. This heads west across the Puketi Forest and forms part of Te Araroa. The first 2 km is a mix of exotic pine forest and farmland before you enter the forest.

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