Pukenamu Queens Park

Pukenamu Queens Park

Pukenamu Queens Park is a large hill on the northeast side of Victoria Avenue in Whanganui. Best access is through Maria Place up to the astonishingly (for NZ) large plaza and stairs that sit at the base of the Sarjeant Gallery. Immediately on the left side of the plaza is the refurbished regional museum and to the north west is the Alexander Heritage and Research Library (more Art Deco architecture). To the right is the modernist War Memorial Centre.

The park is partly a unique collection of public buildings and part war memorial, with a fantastic view. The main staircase is commemorative of the World Wars, topped by a lion, with carillon bells to the right. There is a cenotaph war memorial on the high point to the east of the gallery and below this is the Whanganui Peace Sculpture with its hundreds of handprints.

If you stand on the northeast side of the hill, you should be able to see Ruapehu on a clear day.

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