Parata Track

Parata Track

The turn off to the Parata Track is a few minutes up the Kohekohe Track in Hemi Matenga Reserve. It takes at least an hour return and climbs up 380 metres, quite steeply, to a high point at 480 metres. From there you can continue north over the highest point at 521 metres on Te Au tramping track, then down to an access point on Huia Street, Waikanae. Allow 3 to 4 hours to complete a loop back along the road.

The track is very attractive, dominated lower down by kohekohe trees that were in flower at the time we walked it (mid winter). There are two viewpoints, the first looking directly back towards Kāpiti Island and the second at the track high point with a more southwest view from Kāpiti Island then down the coast and around to the valley below the walk. We hit the viewpoints at golden hour through sunset which also created some intense orange and reds within the forest.

From the second viewpoint, it becomes Te Au Track and is somewhat rougher.

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