Outlet Track

The Outlet Track is a shared walkway and cycling track between Beacon Point on Lake Wānaka and Albert Town. It starts at the end of Beacon Point Road, where the Clutha River / Mata-Au exits the lake. It takes 45 minutes to walk from Beacon Point Road to the car park at the end of Gunn Road. However, we recommend continuing for 15 minutes along Alison Avenue to the superb Pembroke Patisserie cafe!

The track is a wonderful, mostly riverside journey. River access is feasible in several places, including an expansive beach about 20 minutes from Beacon Point. Trout fishing is also a popular pastime along the river's edge.

Much of the track is set within a mix of mānuka and kānuka scrub and mature deciduous trees, especially poplars. The scrub flowers profusely, and the walk is especially colourful in Autumn as the leaves turn golden. Some river sections are highly reflective in the calm conditions, while others have modest rapids.

Parts of the track are moderately rough and narrow, with a 2-metre drop to the river and many blind corners. Be aware of cyclists coming from either direction, whether you are cycling or walking.

The track is also a section of the connected river and lakeside tracks that run from Lake Hāwea to Glendhu Bay on the west side of Lake Wānaka. These tracks are also part of Te Araroa.

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