Ototoka Beach

Ototoka Beach

Ototoka Beach is the most remote beach on the northwest stretch of the Whanganui to Taranaki coast. You can get there from Kai Iwi by taking Handley Road to Ototoka Beach Road (mostly metal roads), or by taking SH3 to Maxwell Station Road (sealed), then connecting with Ototoka Beach Road.

Access to the beach is through a relatively narrow gap between the cliffs that has been ground out by a stream. There is a nice view from the top of the cliff, then a short steep track from the lower car park that crosses in front of a modest but active waterfall down to the beach.

With cliffs on either side, rock full of fossilised seashells and the inevitable jumble of driftwood, this is a wonderful unique remote place. But be careful if you decide to go for a swim!

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