Opepe Reserve

Opepe Reserve

Opepe Reserve is only about 20 km along State Highway 5 from Taupō. It is both a beautiful ancient remnant reserve of native forest and a historic site going back to the New Zealand Land Wars.

The ancient remnant forest is especially unusual as most of the old-growth forest in the area was wiped out by the 186 AD eruption of Taupō.

On the north side of the road a 30 minute loop track takes you through a beautiful section of large mature native trees. This was also one of the best sections of forest we have walked through in New Zealand for native bird song.

In 1869, colonial soldiers and Māori warriors led by Te Kooti clashed at Opepe. The colonials lost this encounter and a side track takes you to the cemetery where nine soldiers were buried.

There is also a track on the south side of the road through the minor remnants of the Opepe settlement and regenerating bush.

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