Okia Reserve and the Pyramids

Okia Reserve and the Pyramids

On the northern side of Papanui Inlet, follow Dick Road west to the parking area at its end. From there, go into Okia Reserve and walk along the flat farm road to the Pyramids. There are two of them and they are so named for obvious reasons.

You can hike up the one on the right on an unmarked but obvious track. It’s rough but only takes a few minutes and gives you a view across the Okia Flats towards Victory Beach (also Wickliffe Bay).⁠

You may notice the columnar basalt nature of the rock platform at the top, similar to the rock formation at the Organ Pipes near Mt Cargill. You can see this more clearly if you walk around to the west side of the right hand Pyramid. There is also a sheltering rock overhang.⁠

From the Pyramids, it another km across the Okia Flats to the beach.⁠ Note that dogs are not allowed anywhere on the Reserve, managed by the Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust, to protect the native hoiho breeding ground.

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