Ocean Beach Hawke Bay

Ocean Beach in Hawke Bay (body of water) and Hawke’s Bay (district) is one of several with the name around NZ. This one is a beautiful golden sand surf beach, with Cape Kidnappers to the north and Waimarama Beach to the south.

Although it is a 37 km drive from downtown Napier, it is much more attractive than the Napier city beaches and popular with surfers. There is a small, mainly Māori community that knows the beach as Waipuka, but otherwise, the location feels quite remote. Access is from Havelock North along Waimarama Road to Ocean Beach Road. This is a scenic drive through hilly farmland, with a narrow, steep last section down to the beach.

There are surf patrols during summer. Stay within the flags and take extra care if you are tempted to swim at other times. At 10 km long, it is also good for a walk to either end, or you can drive on the beach at low tide.

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