Manapouri is the small town on the edge of Fiordland National Park as you travel north on the Southern Scenic Route from Monowai. There are several accommodation options and a gas station and store, while a pretty street-front church has long been a restaurant and bar. There are also the unique Two Wee Bookshops near the corner of Home Street and Hillside-Manapouri Road, a one-minute walk from the Church.

Despite its small size, Manapouri has an active tourist scene, with boat trips around and across Lake Manapouri from nearby Pearl Harbour. For a more remote trip to Milford Sound, Manapouri offers boat access to West Arm. From there, you take a bus over Wilmot Pass and then a boat trip on Doubtful Sound / Patea.

There are also various tracks around the southeast end of the lake that can be accessed by crossing Pearl Harbour on a boat. But the easiest option is to take the short but pretty track down Pearl Harbour to Frasers Beach, then back to the small town centre.

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