Lake Te Ko Utu

Lake Te Ko Utu

At the north end of the Cambridge town centre is Lake Te Ko Utu (also Lake Te Koutu and even Te Koo Utu). This translates as “ladle dipping into water” and was an important source of eels, kōura and fresh water to local Māori.

The lake is a bit of a surprise for a first time visitor. It sits inside a large half bowl with steep high sides covered in a mix of exotic trees, and native bush on the west end. Consequently, you cannot see it from Victoria Road as you drive into the town centre, although there is a large sign and plenty of nearby parking.

From Victoria Street, head around the south side of the lake to find the loop track that runs around the lake. We prefer to walk clockwise around the track, ending at the grassed park area at the east, perfect for a picnic. From there, you can finish the loop or walk up to the west end of Lake Street with views from above the southside of the lake.

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