Lake Daniell Track

Lake Daniell Track

Access to this track is about 20 kms from Lewis Pass on the west side. It sits within the Maruia Waka Huia special biodiversity area and hence gets a big investment in pest elimination. At one stage, the intention was to mill the giant red beech trees you will walk through. Fortunately this didn’t happen, and it is now considered one of the best preserved and protected beech forests in the country.

To say it is exceedingly pretty is an understatement. The walk starts at the DOC Marble Hill campground. Shortly after the start, you cross the Sluice Box bridge, over an especially photogenic short gorge. It then more or less follows a river, including several gorge highpoints, before reaching Lake Daniell. You can access and swim in the river at several points along the way.

The track is relatively easy, with no major climbs. Allow about 2.5 hours each way.

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