Lake Alexandrina

Lake Alexandrina

Lake Alexandrina is a pretty, smaller lake and conservation reserve known for its trout fishing near Tekapo. The lake was named after Alexandrina Robinson, a sister of William and John Robinson, business partners with John McGregor. McGregor was a station owner in the region in the 1800s and the person who first introduced trout for fishing in the lake. The adjacent smaller Lake McGregor was named for McGregor.

To get to Alexandrina, take SH8 heading west from Tekapo, then turn off into Godley Peaks Road, with Mount John to your right. There are two roads to Lake Alexandrina from Godley Peaks Road. Lake Alexandrina South is just before the Mt John access road or continue north to Lake Alexandrina Road.

There are a few holiday homes and a camping area at the lake, but otherwise, you will have the sense of being well away from things. And you are really. From there, it’s just a metal road that takes you a bit further closer to the mountains and wide open spaces.

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