Kātiki Beach

Kātiki Beach

Kātiki Beach is nine km long and lies between Kātiki Point and Shag Point on the North Otago Coast. State Highway 1 runs down much of its length, with views directly across the beach from the road. Despite its length, there is only one safe place to stop before Shag Point. This is a reserve towards the north end of the beach off the main highway, which is also a campsite for self-contained camper vans.

From the reserve, It is a two km walk north towards Kātiki Point. This feels especially remote as this part of the beach is not backed by the highway. But walking south for about two km, as the tide goes out, provides access to rock concretions similar to the Moeraki Boulders. They are not as spherical and more like a kumara than a ball. This is probably because the concretions were pulled and stretched by water flow as the surrounding mud reacted with the calcites that created the concreting effect.

Regardless, if you want to see millions-years-old concretions without the crowd at Moeraki Boulders, this is an option. Or just hang out at a perfect and probably empty Otago beach!

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