Kakanui Beach

Kakanui Beach

Beach Road, from south of Ōamaru, runs for five km alongside a sweeping bay with stunning gold and orange sand on the North Otago Coast. The bay and beach appear to have no official name on the map, but there is a parking area at the south end of the beach called “Kakanui Beach Reserve”. Accordingly, we refer to this beach as Kakanui Beach until we have a better suggestion.

In any event, there is roadside parking at the north end of the beach with a short access path between the modest cliffs and dunes and the larger car park at the south end reserve. There may be other access points, but parking is likely an issue. Once you are there, you’ll be unlikely to encounter more than a few other people.

Take a picnic and indulge in the normal beach things. If you are tempted to swim, stick to an incoming tide with low surf in good weather, and remember you are on the Pacific Coast.

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