Ian Wells Track

Ian Wells Track

There are not a lot of examples of “ruins” around NZ, so it’s interesting to see one for the first time. The Ian Wells Track goes to a disused dam that was once part of the Auckland water supply. It is odd to see a dam without a lake in the forest, but this one also has particularly colourful graffiti.

The track follows an old access road to the dam, with forest regrowth to either side. It then drops down to the northwest side of the concrete dam. There is a large grassed area that would have once been the reservoir. The stream runs through what were the gates on the dam. Look closely for a glimpse of the graffiti.

As you walk back past the dam on the track, you should be able to spot an informal path to the left. This drops down to the southeast side. There is a lagoon (rather murky looking) and you can get into the back of the dam. Here the graffiti is much more extensive. Amazing to think someone bothered to bring so many spray cans into the middle of nowhere!

It is about a 30 minute walk plus time for exploring. The track access has room for a couple of cars. It is about 300 metres west of the larger car park and access to the Upper Nihotuou Reservoir walk on Piha Road.

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