Hunua Gorge and Hays Creek Road

Hunua Gorge and Hays Creek Road

As you drive through Hunua Gorge on Hunua Road, heading towards Hunua Falls, keep an eye out for the unnamed waterfall in the gorge. You should see it just before Hays Creek Road. There is enough room on the road verge to stop about 50 metres after seeing the waterfall. There is a short informal track that will take you to the top of the falls. There is no easy way to the bottom of the Falls however, and you will need to walk back down the road to get a face-on shot.

Shortly after this waterfall, turn on to Hays Creek Road and park near the gated entrance to the road. This is an entrance to the Hays Creek Watercare dam and you are allowed to walk to it. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get to the dam, with the road following Hays Creek. You can then also follow a fork in the road for another 10 minutes up to an overflow stream, an oddball mixture of concrete barriers and an established steep stream bed. There is a small waterfall at the bottom of the overflow.

There is plenty of grassed area as well to settle down for what will be a very private picnic!

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