Henry’s Scenic Reserve

Henry’s Scenic Reserve

Henry’s Scenic Reserve is on the east side of Patumahoe on Hunter Road in south Auckland and just a few minutes drive from Wrights Water Gardens. There is a parking area just before a short bridge, with a signpost for Te Ara O Whangamarie, a walk across farmland back towards Patumahoe. Cross the bridge and you will see the entrance to Henry’s Scenic Reserve.

As much as we try to avoid comments like “best” to describe a place, this short loop walk to a waterfall and stream that tumbles down through a remnant section of forest, strewn with moss-grown boulders and gold and brown leaf fall, is quite magical.

You can do the track as a loop. Head right towards the bottom of the reserve and the stream. Then walk back up the stream to the viewpoint that overlooks the tumbling series of falls and forest enclosed boulders.

Once you reach the viewpoint, you will have a clear view of the main section of the waterfall. But from there, you can also cross the stream with some rock hopping, then scramble up the rock to the top of the waterfall. There are various viewpoints over the tumbling falls along the way.

At the very top, you can get over the stream to the other side, then scramble back up to the path, rather than heading back down the rock fall to cross back over. But you may need to get wet to do this!

The combination of gnarled trees, rocks and tumbling falls add to the magic of this small reserve. It is easy to spend an hour or so there, for what is just a 20 minute walk.

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