Hawksburn Road

Hawksburn Road

From Clyde, cross the single lane bridge over the Clutha to Earnscleugh Road. Almost immediately, you will see a sign for Hawksburn Road. You can drive up for a few kilometres to a viewpoint, though it is not very clearly marked. Note that this section is steep and narrow with blind corners, so take care. The view of the region, especially in autumn, is excellent.

If you keep going, you will hit Cairnmuir Flats and then a windy section of road that eventually links to the Nevis Road, and down to Bannockburn. In some parts of this section, the road is only one lane wide, so someone will have to back up if you meet another traveller. Having said that, it is unlikely you will see anyone else.

There are several farm fences to go through so leave these as instructed, or as you find them. On the Nevis Road side, there is a 4WD-only warning, but the road surface itself is good, at least when it is dry.

Like the Nevis Road, Danseys Pass Road and the Old Dunstan Road, the Hawksburn gives you access to a remote and rugged part of New Zealand that you would otherwise barely know existed.

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