Hakarimata Kauri Loop

Hakarimata Kauri Loop

The Hakarimata Kauri Loop is accessed from the north end of the Hakarimata Walkway (also a section of Te Araroa) in the Waikato. Access to the north end of the walkway is off Parker Road from Riverview Road. From the car park, walk uphill (many steps) 1.4 kms past the first access to the loop to the second access.

The loop takes you initially through a recovering section of native forest on a winding downhill leg. You them arrive at a grove that includes some quite big kauri trees, well over 100 years old. From there, continue along the track through regenerating kauri forest with many rickers (baby trees) to the ancient tree. This is one of the oldest and largest in the Waikato at 1,000 years old.

Hakarimata was originally covered with rimu and kauri trees but these were largely cut down well over 100 years ago. The big kauri is the only ancient survivor and, according to the panel, no one knows why it was left untouched. From there continue on to reconnect with the main track.

If you just want to see the giant kauri, it is only a 20 to 30 minute walk each way from the car park.

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