Green Lake Track

Green Lake Track

The Green Lake Track in Fiordland is a 17 km tramp from Lake Monowai to Borland Road. It takes in the Green Lake and the Green Lake Hut (DOC) at over 800 metres. The lake is flanked by peaks of up to 1,400 metres, resulting in a truly mountainous experience. You can do it as a day walk to the lake and back, or arrange transport at the other end with or without an overnight stay at the hut.

Starting from Borland Road at 780 metres above sea level, the track passes Borland Bivvy and then mostly flat areas of high country tussock and small lakes. This is followed by beech forest on a saddle before more tussock. The track is mostly easy, but as you get closer to the lake, there is a reasonably sharp 250 metre climb through beech forest. The climb terminates at a 929 m highpoint before dropping back down to the lake at 800 metres. Total distance is about 5 km to the lake and 6.8 km (3 hours) to the hut.

There is also a 600 metre side option to Island Lake, about two thirds of the way to Green Lake from Borland Road.

The walk from Borland Road compares with 9 km to Green Lake from the track access near Lake Monowai and 10.2 kms to the hut. It is also a bigger climb, from 200 metres at Lake Monowai to a highpoint of 900 metres shortly before the lake.

Georgia (@the_cornishpixie) walked the Green Lake Track and kindly provided these photos from her trip.

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