Goblin Forest

On some walks around the east side of Mt Taranaki, near Dawson Falls, the Wilkie Pools and East Egmont, you will get an intense sense of the “goblin forest”. The trees are old, twisted and gnarled (mostly) kamahi, covered in lichens, mosses and liverworts. Particularly note the very distinctive “hand” in the pics!

These forests have developed over very long periods, with the kamahi often taking root in other trees and then taking them over. Or they resprout from their own fallen trunks, effectively making them "forever trees". This leads to some extraordinary shapes.

Drive up either Pembroke Road to East Egmont or Manaia Road to Dawson Falls. Both have relatively short walk options that will take you into goblin forests.

We did these walks in early summer when it was wet. The combination of rainforest, active waterfalls, streams and forest flowers added to the drama.

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