Frasers Beach Walk

Frasers Beach Walk

Frasers Beach is the 3 km-long beach on the east side of Lake Manapouri, below the town. You can park on the main road near the Church then walk down to Pearl Harbour in a few minutes. The track starts at the western end of the Pearl Harbour boat facilities. It goes through an attractive section of beech trees, with emerald green paths of moss and red/brown/gold carpets of fallen beech leaves. You will barely notice the few houses that are at the edge of the trees.

It was also fungi season, so there were a large number of red-capped, white-flecked fly agarics (Amanita muscaria). Stunning, but they contain hallucinatory compounds and potentially fatal toxins.

Once you reach the end of Pearl Harbour, the track turns right past a “Frasers Beach” sign and peters out near a small car park. However, you can keep going along a short section of access road to the track re-entrance. It then heads through a mix of trees, shrubs and grassed reserve to an easy beach access point.

The beach itself is a mix of incredibly colourful stones and sand. Although this walk is worth doing even in poor weather, we are hoping to return on a still, cloudless day eventually!

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