Dog Stream Waterfall Track

Dog Stream Waterfall Track

If you feel that Hanmer Springs and its forest are a bit civilised, head over to the tracks on the side of Mt Isobel, a peak of 1,319 metres. On the day, it was raining so we chose the beautiful Dog Stream Waterfall Track that follows a stream up to a 40 metre waterfall, starting from the end of Mullans Road. This gave us both a hit of native beech forest as well as an often rugged hiking track and takes about an hour or so each way.

You can walk from the falls to the peak, but the cautionary sign was off-putting given the weather. You can also access the peak from Chatterton Road and Jacks Pass on the west side of the mountain, or below Jollies Pass on the east side. Note that Jollies Pass access requires a 4WD.

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